List of Tau Chapter Wilhelm Committee Chair Award Winners

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The following individuals have won the Wilhelm Outstanding Committee Chair Award. For a complete listing of award descriptions and winners, see List of Tau Chapter Awards.

The Wilhelm Outstanding Committee Chair Award was established in 2004 when the parent of a Tau Alumna lost her life to cancer. The award is given in memory of Jane Wilhelm, as she wished to honor and recognize the hardworking leadership within the Brotherhood, which sometimes goes unnoticed. The Vice President considers Committee Chairs based on their performance throughout the year and decides who will receive the award.

Wilhelm Committee Chair
Year Name
2004 Courtney Tibbetts
2005 Jang 'Mia' Chang
2006 Christy Andux
2007 Valerie Whigham
2008 Stephanie Dasnoit
2009 Francesca Burns
2010 Demi-Anna Martinez
2011 Melanie Carviou
2012 Mikenzi Rivenbark
2013 Rachael Spooner
2014 Kristen Martin
2015 Angela Carlson

Natalie Broder

2016 Matthew Bauer
2017 Avery Morris
2018 Amber Meeks
2019 Hannah Capestany