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*Awards Selection Committee
*Awards Selection Committee
*[[National Development Committee]] (x2)
*[[National Development Committee]] (x2)
*[[Todd Tripod Scholarship]]
== Awards Won==
== Awards Won==

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Zeta Iota Beta Alpha Mu Family
Bam family zeta iota.jpg
BAM Family at Zeta Class Induction Ceremony, 2014
Family Name Beta Alpha Mu (BAM)
Founding Patriarch Nick Conway
Current Patriarch Luigi Nuñez
Founded 2011
Motto Carpe Noctem
Slogan Do you bro?
Greeting Stay Bro (with Spartan clasp)
Colors Black and Blue
Song "Yeah" by Usher
Family Members 11

The Beta Alpha Mu Family, or BAM, is a family of the Zeta Iota Chapter descended from Nick Conway.

Family History

The Beta Alpha Bu Family, better known as BAM, began Fall 2011 when Charter Nick Conway received his first little, Travis Knapp. Travis received a great internship in North Jersey and was not on campus for the semester. Nick then decided to apply for another little, Grant Mallues. The following semester, Nick fell in love with Mark McShane during recruitment and applied one more time to be a big. Nick received Mark as a little and was happy with his family size and togetherness. Travis came back from a year of absence due to his internship in North Jersey and adventures in Australia and applied to become a big. Nick Pedano then joined BAM as Travis' little. BAM did not gain any new members from the Epsilon Class, but the Zeta Class allowed further expansion. Mark received Luigi Nuñez as his little, and Nick Pedano had Ryan Vance as his. Travis aided in mentoring Ryan Vance because Nick was hospitalized and his ribs were removed. The family continued to grow once more through the Thetas, where Luigi received Nick Swanson and JP Hughes as twins. While Ryan Vance and Nick Swanson gained Thomas Nagle and Justin Russell, respectively, JP Hughes resigned due to academic and extra-curricular commitments. This pushed Luigi to apply for another little and gained, who Luigi connected much with during recruitment, Rob Focht. The BAM Family has held many Executive Board, Executive Council, and Initiate Class positions with a few involvements in National Committees.

Family Traditions

Nick Conway (r) giving BAM-BAM to Travis Knapp (l)

One of the biggest traditions is yelling the word 'BAM' whenever any BAM family member does something great. We also have a sock monkey called 'BAM-BAM'. BAM Family is currently on its 2nd BAM-BAM. BAM also has a paddle made by Travis Knapp that is bestowed to the current patriarch/matriarch of the family. The paddle is a symbol of leadership of the family.

Positions Held

The BAM Family has held the following positions:

Awards Won

Family Tree

BAM Family Tree
Nick Conway
Charter Class
Travis Knapp
Alpha Class
Grant Malleus
Beta Class
Mark McShane
Gamma Class
Nick Pedano
Delta Class
Luigi Nuñez
Zeta Class
Ryan Vance
Zeta Class
Nicholas Swanson
Theta Class
JP Hughes (resigned)
Theta Class
Robert Focht
Kappa Class
Thomas Nagle
Iota Class
Justin Russell
Iota Class