Chapter History Preservation project

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The Chapter History Preservation Project is an attempt to document and in many cases back up important Chapter information here on the wiki. This includes, but is not limited to, a Chapter roll book (on List of Initiate Class pages), written Chapter history, list of awards and honors, prominent Chapter events, past and current officers, etc. This is part of the wiki Projects list.


Chapters are encouraged to use the chapter wiki entry to share the written and photographic history of their chapter. Any members interested in helping with this project are invited to work on any chapter or project listed below. As projects are completed and reviewed please move them from the Open Tasks section to the Completed Projects section below.

Open Projects

Incomplete Chapter Pages

The follow chapter pages have are considered incomplete and the most in need of work. We need to follow up with the chapter and encourage them to update their own wiki page or provide more detailed information. If you want to take on reaching out to one of these chapters write your name next to them so we know which chapters are being worked on. Once a page is thoroughly updated you can remove them from the list.

Completed Projects

  • none