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Teach For America was named the official national philanthropy of Phi Sigma Pi by the 2003 Grand Chapter. The organization's mission is to promote educational reform by engaging the nation's most promising future leaders in the movement to eliminate inequities in the current system.

Since 2003, Phi Sigma Pi has partnered with Teach For America to provide corps members, supplies, and monetary support. At the 2007 National Convention, National President Jonah Goodman announced the newly created Teach For America Grant program that is open to any Alumni currently working as a Teach For America Corps Member to further improve the learning environment in their class rooms. Vice President of Chapter Development Erik Walschburger (2006-2008) announced plans to further increase the scope of Phi Sigma Pi's support of the organization with an alternative break for brothers in January of 2008. Phi Sigma Pi will be working with the Phoenix Regional Teach For America office on several improvement and revitalization projects in a local school.

About Teach For America

Teach for America is a non-profit organization whose mission is "to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity by enlisting our nation's most promising future leaders in the effort." It is a national teaching corps of recent college graduates of all academic majors who commit two years to teach in urban and rural schools. Teach For America places corps members in regions most profoundly impacted by the gap in educational outcomes. Roughly 80 percent of the students we reach qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, and more than 90 percent are African-American or Latino. All of the districts we serve are classified as "high-need" local education agencies by the federal government.

Brief History

The organization was founded by Wendy Kopp in 1990. As a senior, Wendy proposed for the organization's creation in her undergraduate thesis at Princeton University. During Teach For America's first year in 1990, 500 men and women began teaching in six low-income communities across the United States. Since its founding, over 14,000 corps members have completed their commitment to the organization. It's network has grown to 20,000 individuals. In the 2010-11 school year, more than 8,200 first- and second-year Teach For America corps members will be teaching in 39 regions across the country.

Organizational Reach

Teach for America currently serves in 39 rural and urban communities in the United States. Below is a table of each region and Alumni Brother who are currently serving or who have served as Teach For America Corps Members. If you'd like to support these Brothers, please speak to your Region Consultant or the Director of Leadership Advancement.

Phi Sigma Pi Alumni Brothers Serving as Teach For America Corps Members
Teach For America Region Brother Year Entered the Corps Chapter Blog
Appalachia Kaye Pelton 2012 Omicron Chapter
Atlanta Adia German 2012 Delta Xi Chapter
Atlanta Hayley Roe 2012 Epsilon Upsilon Chapter
Atlanta Camille Graham* 2009 Beta Rho Chapter
Atlanta Tamara Rice* 2009 Gamma Gamma Chapter
Atlanta Brittany Young* 2009 Delta Epsilon Chapter
Baltimore Katie Graul 2012 Delta Chi Chapter
Baltimore Alexis Lian 2011 Beta Epsilon Chapter
Baltimore Trip Stewart 2011 Beta Mu Chapter
Bay Area Eric Verprauskus* 2008 Alpha Omega Chapter
Bay Area Christine Bennett* 2007(?) Delta Sigma Chapter
Charlotte Debra Feinberg 2012 Beta Pi Chapter
Charlotte Stephanie Covill* 2007 Alpha Kappa Chapter
Chicago Elyse Aldana 2012 Alpha Kappa Chapter
Chicago Lauren Peisach 2010 Beta Mu Chapter
Chicago Dana Gottlieb* 2009 Beta Mu Chapter
Chicago Kevin Caron* 2009 Epsilon Zeta Chapter
Colorado Gregory Hitz 2012 Alpha Pi Chapter
Colorado Amanda Nichols 2012 Alpha Omega Chapter
Colorado Mary Romagnoli 2012 Gamma Tau Chapter
Colorado Andrew Pompelia* 2010 Alpha Omega Chapter
Colorado Katie Easter* 2010 Beta Mu Chapter
Colorado Lauren Snella* 2008 Delta Sigma Chapter
Connecticut Cody Grosser 2012 Beta Epsilon Chapter
Connecticut Emily Casari* 2008 Beta Sigma Chapter
D.C. Region Eryn Cochran 2012 Zeta Epsilon Chapter
D.C. Region Brenna Hagen* 2008 Beta Mu Chapter
D.C. Region Cara Hines* 2008 Alpha Beta Chapter
D.C. Region Caroline Bickley* 2008 Beta Rho Chapter
D.C. Region Molly Jepsen* 2009 Alpha Omicron Chapter
Dallas Natalie Cahoon 2012 Delta Mu Chapter
Dallas Quip Turner 2012 Beta Nu Chapter
Dallas Jerald Prince* 2010 Delta Epsilon
Dallas Britney Peguese 2010 Delta Epsilon
Detroit Jasmyn Durham 2012 Alpha Tau Chapter
Detroit Danielle Hayden 2011 Beta Alpha Chapter
Eastern North Carolina Tori Maciejak 2012 Gamma Pi Chapter
Eastern North Carolina Kevin Zhao 2012 Beta Delta Chapter
Eastern North Carolina Ben Cleverdon 2011 Alpha Omicron Chapter
Eastern North Carolina Katie Reynolds 2011 Gamma Upsilon Chapter
Eastern North Carolina Jon Caulder 2010 Alpha Omicron Chapter
Eastern North Carolina Rachel Hines* 2007 Alpha Beta Chapter
Eastern North Carolina Kelly Shelton* 2007 Alpha Beta Chapter
Greater Boston Jen Danowitz* 2010 Beta Pi Chapter
Greater Boston Jacklyn Hanley* 2008 Alpha Omicron Chapter
Greater New Orleans Rebecca Emel 2012 Alpha Eta Chapter
Greater New Orleans Shanna Connolly 2010 Gamma Tau Chapter
Greater New Orleans Uriel Rodriguez* 2010 Beta Upsilon Chapter
Greater New Orleans Brittany Guillory* 2009 Gamma Theta Chapter
Greater New Orleans Holly Barber* 2008 Gamma Phi Chapter
Greater New Orleans Lauren Wooldridge* 2008 Delta Xi Chapter withlove lbw
Hawaii Christian Simoy 2012 Epsilon Chapter
Houston Jerome Joseph* 2010 Alpha Tau Chapter
Houston Brian Vannest* 2008 Beta Xi Chapter
Indianapolis Margaret Amarante 2012 Gamma Alpha Chapter
Indianapolis Bridget Christison 2012 Gamma Iota Chapter
Indianapolis Kacy Moser 2012 Delta Xi Chapter
Indianapolis Jaclyn Roman* 2009 Beta Sigma Chapter
Jacksonville Bethany Mackingtee 2012 Zeta Zeta Chapter
Kansas City Michelle Skibyak 2012 Epsilon Upsilon Chapter
Kansas City Temerity Matthews 2011 Beta Epsilon Chapter
Kansas City Brett Wagoner 2010 Epsilon Zeta Chapter
Las Vegas Valley Alison Strohm 2012 Zeta Beta Chapter
Las Vegas Valley Kevin Kroll* 2009 Alpha Omega Chapter
Las Vegas Valley Jillian Pitzer* 2009 Beta Mu Chapter
Los Angeles Leyna Easton* 2008 Alpha Sigma Chapter
Memphis Gheremy Edwards 2012 Epsilon Chapter
Memphis Courtney Patterson* 2010 Alpha Kappa Chapter Room 203
Memphis Mera Baker* 2009 Delta Psi Chapter
Memphis Andrea Criollo* 2009 Beta Mu Chapter
Miami-Dade Elisabeth Power 2012 Zeta Beta Chapter
Miami-Dade Maria Sagarduy 2011 Delta Lambda Chapter
Miami-Dade Claudia Bojorquez 2010 Beta Epsilon Chapter
Miami-Dade Charrise Phillips* 2009 Delta Epsilon Chapter
Mid-Atlantic Mary Downing 2012 Alpha Pi Chapter
Mid-Atlantic Kalisha Dessources 2012 Beta Nu Chapter
Mid-Atlantic Vincent Capone* 2010 Beta Upsilon Chapter
Mid-Atlantic Charles Lane* 2009 Epsilon Zeta Chapter
Mid-Atlantic Talla Rittenhouse* 2003(?) Alpha Beta Chapter
Mississippi Delta Rachel Plate* 2009 Epsilon Delta Chapter
Mississippi Delta Leslie Evans* 2009 Delta Sigma Chapter
Mississippi Delta Katherine Fenerty* 2009 Gamma Theta Chapter
Mississippi Delta Sara Stevenson* 2009 Beta Alpha Chapter
Mississippi Delta Stephanie Pompelia* 2008 Beta Nu Chapter
Nashville Natalie Klotz* 2009 Beta Xi Chapter
New Mexico Amanda Wolfenbarger 2012 Gamma Psi Chapter
New Mexico Emily Bruegger* 2009 Epsilon Zeta Chapter
New York Ashemsa Lewis 2012 Beta Nu Chapter
New York Alexandra Weir 2012 Gamma Pi Chapter
New York Tyrone DeLong Dash II* 2009 Alpha Tau Chapter
New York Sara Cafarelli* 2009 Beta Mu Chapter
New York Eric Shannon* 2009 Beta Nu Chapter
New York Brett Saffer* 2008 Alpha Beta Chapter
New York Jack Soltysik* 2008 Delta Xi Chapter
New York Jessica Witte* 2008 Delta Xi Chapter
New York Pavithra Nagarajan* 2008 Epsilon Zeta Chapter
New York Maureen West* 2009 Gamma Psi Chapter
New York Tomer Vandesburger* 2008 Alpha Omicron Chapter
New York Elizabeth Lacy* 2007 Gamma Phi Chapter
Newark Evan Linhardt* 2008 Beta Epsilon Chapter
Oklahoma Amanda Maass 2012 Beta Nu Chapter
Phoenix Andrew Youssef 2012 Epsilon Chapter
Phoenix Divya Gopal 2011 Gamma Omega Chapter
Phoenix Annie Baer* 2010 Alpha Kappa Chapter
Phoenix Lindsay Gaynier* 2009 Beta Sigma Chapter
Phoenix Julia Smith* 2009 Alpha Omega Chapter
Rhode Island
Rio Grande Valley Brynn Myers* Beta Iota Chapter
San Antonio Jeff Reamer* 2010 Alpha Omega Chapter teach for san antonio
St. Louis Tracy Weidel* 2010 Delta Xi Chapter
St. Louis Kate Gallen* 2008 Beta Chapter
South Carolina Cait Clark 2012 Alpha Delta Chapter
South Carolina Melissa Beltrami 2012 Zeta Lambda Chapter
South Dakota
South Louisiana Bo Hilty* 2003 Gamma Phi Chapter
Tulsa Courtney Chambers 2011 Delta Xi Chapter
Tulsa Samantha Greenberg 2011 Beta Alpha Chapter
Tulsa Adam McFarland 2011 Beta Alpha Chapter
Tulsa Kathryn Skoro* 2009 Alpha Omicron Chapter
Twin Cities
Lonnie Affrime 2011 Alpha Theta Chapter
Christine Altermatt 2011 Beta Alpha Chapter
Mary Baharozian 2011 Alpha Phi Chapter
Celeste Brown 2011 Delta Epsilon Chapter
Laura Brown 2011 Alpha Tau Chapter
Elizabeth Bury 2011 Delta Sigma Chapter
Madison Chomsky 2011 Beta Alpha Chapter
Christopher Diaz 2011 Beta Mu Chapter
Amy Gaetano 2011 Beta Rho Chapter
Elizabeth Hammel 2011 Alpha Pi Chapter
Erin Hazen 2011 Iota Chapter
Julia Hellmich 2011 Beta Nu Chapter
Samuel Hyde 2011 Epsilon Zeta Chapter
Alicia Jones 2011 Alpha Tau Chapter
Nicole Lamb 2011 Epsilon Chi Chapter
Cassandra Lentz 2011 Gamma Tau Chapter
Elizabeth Lucas 2011 Beta Rho Chapter
Chelsey Freeman 2011 Alpha Tau Chapter
Krystyna Malewski 2011 Delta Lambda Chapter
Ashley Marderosian 2011 Beta Sigma Chapter
Ariana McAvoy 2011 Delta Chi Chapter
Timothy Parrington 2011 Delta Sigma Chapter
Adrian Pruett 2011 Alpha Tau Chapter
Laura Schafenacker 2011 Delta Sigma Chapter
Casey Sears 2011 Gamma Psi Chapter
Emily Sholtis 2011 Epsilon Theta Chapter
Tiffany Watson 2011 Alpha Chi Chapter
Katie Waddell 2011 Upsilon Chapter
Charisse Wilkins 2011 Alpha Tau Chapter
Kristen Wimberger 2011 Gamma Tau Chapter
Kijafa Davis 2010 Delta Kappa Chapter
Kelly Durkin 2010 Beta Nu Chapter
Robert Ervin 2010 Alpha Kappa Chapter
Heather Farb 2010 Gamma Tau Chapter
Trey Johnson 2010 Delta Beta Chapter
Megan Justus 2010 Beta Sigma Chapter
Colleen Kennedy 2010 Gamma Psi Chapter
Giel Muller 2010 Alpha Upsilon Chapter
Heather Nelson 2010 Alpha Omicron Chapter
Sam Stuckey 2010 Beta Sigma Chapter
Ashley Tannehill 2010 Alpha Tau Chapter
Rashanna Ward 2010 Beta Nu Chapter
Sylvia Johnson* 2009 Gamma Pi Chapter
Joanna Saul* 2009 Beta Iota Chapter
Cristina Shelton* 2009 Gamma Theta Chapter
Maggie Simone* 2009 Alpha Eta Chapter
Ursula Zeydler* 2009 Alpha Lambda Chapter
Kristin Brady* 2008 Beta Nu Chapter
Tess Brandwein* 2008 Gamma Pi Chapter
Katherine Chillscyzn* 2008 Beta Epsilon Chapter
Roksolana Cirincione* 2008 Epsilon Zeta Chapter
Katherine Dawson* 2008 Epsilon Zeta Chapter
Kara DiPinto* 2008 Beta Pi Chapter
Shyue Lu* 2008 Gamma Theta Chapter
Carla Jordan-Detamore Delta Epsilon Chapter
Laura Killips* 2005 Beta Sigma Chapter
Will Klein* 2004 Beta Nu Chapter
Sharyn Kauffman* Beta Sigma Chapter

* former corps member (no longer actively serving in Teach For America)

Phi Sigma Pi and Teach For America Partnership

During the 2003 Grand Chapter, Teach For America was named Phi Sigma Pi's National philanthropy. The reason being that Phi Sigma Pi starting off as fraternity for teachers and originating at a Teacher's college. According to the Phi Sigma Pi National Website, the fraternity is devoted to the success of future generations in classrooms throughout the United States. Since being named the national philanthropy,Phi Sigma Pi has set up several initiatives to help support Teach For America. The list below briefly describes each.

Phi Sigma Pi - Teach For America Essay Contest

An initiative open to students enrolled in full-time Teach For America sponsored schools can enter. To enter, participants must submit a completed essay explaining how they use the Tripod in their everyday lives. Up to ten Semi-Finalists are selected for each of the three categories (grades 1-4); (grades 5-8); (grades 9-12) by a panel of volunteer and staff members of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity. Three 1st Prize awards are given in the form of a Amazon Kindle Bundle.

Phi Sigma Pi's Teach for America Teacher Grants

A grant set up to support Phi Sigma Pi Alumni who are serving in the role of Teach For America Corps for one of the following two purposes: 1.) Grants to fund a new classroom initiatives or program that will be used for the betterment of education process and 2.) Grants to fund a classroom initiative to enhance the learning environment of each recipient.

Alternative Break Project (ABP)

A project set up in 2008 to demonstrate Phi Sigma Pi's commitment to Teach For America. Phi Sigma Pi and Teach For America regional offices provide a "hands on" experience for Brothers to close the gap on educational inequities in public education. The program sends Brothers to a selected Teach For America sponsored school. Here, Brothers participate in a project to benefit the school. Past projects have included building a playground, creating a learning garden, and painting a mural. The program typically takes place in May, with its inaugural event being held at the Carl T. Smith Middle School in Phoenix, Arizona.

Past ABP Trips

Backpack Attack

An initiative in which Alumni Brothers as well as chapters gather new school supplies and pack up backpacks to be sent to Teach For America classrooms throughout the United States. To date, the Brotherhood has sent hundreds of backpacks to children in under-resourced areas.

For a current listing of what supplies to gather and where to send them, check out the Backpack Attack document.

More Resources