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Alpha Alpha Chapter (Founded 4 April 1980) is located at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC. The Chapter was founded by Anita Davis. The chapter went inactive in 1990.

Chapter History


During the late 1970's Converse College asked Dr. Anita Davis and the Education majors to find a national organization emphasizing scholarship and encouraging networking for our education majors. Alpha Alpha Chapter became the first newly chartered chapter in almost 20 years. One stipulation made by Converse College upon Phi Sigma Pi being allowed on campus, was that Phi Sigma Pi only be open to education majors.


Alpha Alpha Chapter had historically been more of a society than a fraternity and open only to education majors. The Chapter withdrew from the fraternity when the National Council communicated expectations for increased activity and the admission of all academic majors.

Notable Alumni

National Historian (1980-1982)
National Counselor (1984-1986)

Initiate Classes

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