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Alpha Xi Chapter (Founded 3 March 1991) is located at Radford University in Radford, Virginia. The Alpha Xi Chapter is a member of the Dominion Region. The chapter currently has 48 active members and will soon be taking a new initiate class (Beta Lambda).

The Alpha Xi Chapter celebrates Founders Day Spring 2011
The Alpha Xi Chapter celebrates at Bull and Bones in Blacksburg, Virginia
The Alpha Xi Chapter celebrates banquet at Bull and Bones in Radford, Virginia
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PSP 2015 Banquet Pete Dye River Course

Chapter History


The Alpha Xi chapter was founded on Sunday evening, March 3, 1991 in Heth Lounge B.

Early Years

Members of the Alpha Xi chapter helped induct the founding members of the Alpha Rho Chapter chapter at Virginia Tech on November 3, 1991.

Mat Panyik of the Gamma Class served our first National position as what was known then as a Chapter Consultant and now as a Regional Consultant. The Chapter Service Key has been awarded to two of our members, Jennifer Cook in the spring of 1994 and Jane Allison Ludwing in the spring of 1996. Receiving the Chapter Service Key is a great honor it recognizes an individual Brother for providing outstanding service to the Fraternity.

In recent years Mr. Gregory Humble, President of Alpha Xi during the Fall of 2000 and the Spring of 2001 started a Radford University Foundation Scholarship. We are working hard to put the scholarship into use. With much assistance from Mr. Humble himself, and recent initiate classes, the Chi's, Omega's, and Alpha Gamma's, we are looking forward to seeing a dream become reality.

The Active Chapter

Colors and Mascot

The Alpha Xi Chapter's official colors are red and white. Our mascot is the Eagle for it's representation of beauty, grace, and the respect it demands.

Chapter Chant

Phi Phi Phi to the Sig
Sig Sig Sig to the Pi
Phi to the Sig
Sig to the Pi
Phi Sigma Pi

Executive Board

Main Article: List of Previous Executive Boards

The Alpha Xi Chapter's Executive Board consists of 10 members. Officers are selected during the spring semester and serve the following academic year. If a brother is serving in an executive position and is subject to graduation in the fall, elections for the executive position will be conducted in the middle of the fall semester.

Committee Chairs

Main Article: List of Previous Committee Chairs

Past Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Alpha Xi Chapter Initiate Classes

The Alpha Xi Chapter selects one initiate class each semester following an educational initiation process. Initiate classes typically range between 12 and 18 members, although this is not governed by any chapter policy and exceptions do occur.

The chapter follows a nine week initiation curriculum that has been developed and refined from year to year. At the end of the nine week process, initiates are inducted into the Chapter, pending passage of a Chapter Final Vote and successful completion of all national and chapter requirements.


Family Trees

Main Article: Family Trees(Current)

Main Article: Family Trees(Unactive)

National Involvement

Recent Chapter Events & Activities

Main Article: List of the Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend




Awards and Scholarship

Risk Management




Notable Alumni

Alpha Class Member
former President of Capital Alumni Chapter

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

University Awards

  • 2013: Most Outstanding Student Organization Award for the 2012-2013 academic year

Chapter Awards

Chapter Service Key

Brother Of The Year

Brother Of The Month

Main Article: List of Alpha Xi Recipients of Brother of the Month Award

The Brother of the Month award is given out during chapter to a brother who has put in a great effort and has exemplified all parts of the tripod: Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship. The recipient is not only awarded with the title, but a pair of letters that say "Da BOM" on the back. These pair of letters have been passed around for several years and are a great honor.


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