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Beta Alpha Chapter (Founded 30 September 1992) is located at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The Chapter was founded when 104 members were inducted into the fraternity. Beta Alpha is a member of the Great Lakes Region and Beta Alpha's Regional Advisor is Sarah Alderman.

Beta Alpha Chapter, Winter 2010

Chapter History


Phi Sigma Pi came to the University of Michigan in 1992 when all students who were eligible for membership were sent letters and invited to a "Meet Phi Sigma Pi Night." At the next meeting, they wrote the constitution and on September 30, the Beta Alpha Chapter was formed when 104 people were initiated into the fraternity.

Early Years

In its first few years, the chapter was extremely successful. Some of the first year highlights were a toy run for Toys for Tots, a food drive, Habitat for Humanity, and a Founders Day dance with Alpha Phi at (Eastern Michigan University). The second term of the first year saw seven newly inducted members.

The second year Beta Alpha initiated thirteen people at fall rush and one person during winter rush. That year the chapter handed out its first chapter awards to the most dedicated, most enthusiastic, and most outstanding leaders. Some of the highlights from that year were BA's first formal at the Heidleberg, ushering for the Honors Convocation, Habitat for Humanity, children's parties at Motts Children's Hospital, reading for the blind, happy hour at Touchdown Cafe, Founders Day dance, chocolate rose sale for Valentine's Day, and intermural basketball. That year the Chapter was honored by receiving Project Serve's Service Organization Award.

The third year, 1994-1995, Beta Alpha initiated about twenty-five people at both Fall and Winter Rush. That year the Chapter continued its dedication to community service by volunteering at the Humane society and the American Cancer Society.

In 1995-1996, Beta Alpha initiated eight members. Some of its first semester highlights were a Bowl-A-Thon, weekly happy hours at area coffee shops, Nectarine night, comedy night, Habitat for Humanity, Humane Society, and Semi-Formal which was held in the Michigan Union. Second semester, Beta Alpha initiated about thirty new members.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the 21st century, Beta Alpha headed downhill. Its membership decreased to a meager 10 members, and event planning slowed to a halt. The chapter was dangerously close to dying out completely. Fortunately, due to a great group of extremely motivated brothers (among those: Yuliya Polyachenko, Monica Magiera, Megan Eaton, Claire Montana and Sarah Roffman), the chapter gathered the energy and strength to keep itself alive. It went through a large restructuring effort, including a revamp of the initiation program, and a huge rush and PR effort,

The Active Chapter

The current chapter is doing extremely well. In the last two years, the chapter has shown a complete turn around and is now moving forward with renewed momentum, great ideas, and enthusiastic new members.

At the August 2007 National Convention in New Orleans, Beta Alpha received three National Awards: the Steven A. DiGuiseppe Administrative Award, the Sanders P. McComsey Most Improved Old Chapter Award, and the Top in Region Award for the Great Lakes Region.

Among the chapter's 2007-2008 events and accomplishments:

  • First year with both the Public Relations and Alumni Committees.
  • The Membership Development Committee converted to the Scholarship Committee.
  • First-ever Semi-Formal at the Michigan League.
  • Off-campus Formal at Reddeman Farms Country Club.
  • Participated in the second-ever campus-wide Professional Week, featuring fund-raisers, tournaments, a powderpuff game, and the Mr. Professional Pageant won by Phi Sigma Pi Brother.
  • Held a 5K Walk/Run at Gallup Park, benefiting the student organization UMStars, a contributor to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
  • Raised funds by conducting Crisler Arena clean-ups.
  • Tailgates with Eastern Michigan's Alpha Phi and Michigan State's Beta Sigma Chapters.

As of Fall 2008, Beta Alpha Chapter had 33 active Brothers and 11 initiates on the way. Some highlights:

  • The Service and Social Committees, following Scholarship's lead last semester, have been re-termed the Leadership and Fellowship Committees, respectively.
  • Intramural Sports are now one method of further fostering fellowship, and the Chapter aims to play in as many Co-Recreational leagues as possible.
  • Two large-scale fundraisers have already been conducted, one being with Target and the other with Cedar Point.
  • The Scholarship Committee held an event in which Brothers learned how to best survive in the wild.

As of Fall 2009, Beta Alpha Chapter has 45 Brothers.

Executive Board

  • President - Sarah Feenstra
  • Vice-President -
  • External Secretary -
  • Internal Secretary -
  • Initiate Adviser -
  • Rush Adviser -
  • Treasurer -
  • Historian -
  • Parlimentarian -

Executive Council

Affiliate Advisers-Alex Riordan and Kristin Boyer

Past Chapter Executive-Boards

2010-2011: President - Josh Handell, Vice-President - Kelly Roy, External Secretary - Jason Jao, Internal Secretary - Sarah Feenstra, Initiate Adviser - Sarina Khan, Rush Adviser - Andy Cipa, Treasurer - Samantha Greenberg, Historian - Andrew Delikat, Parlimentarian - Hannah Hakala

2009-2010: President Zach Rable, Vice-President George Jensen, Rush Adviser Samantha Greenberg, Initiate Adviser Josh Handell, External Secretary Andrew Delikat, Internal Secretary Christine Belzyt, Parliamentarian Kelly Roy, Treasurer Jeff Kendall, Historian Sarah Frankel.

2008-2009: President Allie Davido, Vice-President Zach Rable, Rush Adviser Richard Fernandez/Samantha Greenberg, Initiate Adviser Justin Bonebrake, External Secretary Jen Hartsell, Internal Secretary Sara Stevenson, Parliamentarian Michele Wong, Treasurer Sarah Frankel/Jon Adams, Historian Dana Harlan/Andrew Delikat.

2007-2008: President Ian Spear, Vice-President Christina Spallina, Rush Adviser Hailey MacDonald/Katie Scheich, Initiate Adviser Allie Davido, External Secretary Jen Hartsell, Internal Secretary Sara Stevenson, Parliamentarian Tanya Nikam, Treasurer , Historian Kim Hack

Past Chapter Executive-Councils

2009-2010: Vice-President George Jensen, Rush Adviser Samantha Greenberg, Initiate Adviser Josh Handell, External Secretary Andrew Delikat, Scholarship Chair David Fuller, Fellowship Chair Matt Gray, Leadership Chair Christine Altermatt, Fund-Raising Chair Nathan Mathews, Public Relations Chair Hannah Hakala, Alumni Chair Tamar Shrikian, Philanthropy Co-Chairs Alice Liu and Rachel Fletcher.

2008-2009: Vice-President Zach Rable, Rush Adviser Richard Fernandez/Samantha Greenberg, Initiate Adviser Justin Bonebrake, External Secretary Jen Hartsell, Scholarship Chair David Fuller, Fellowship Chair George Jensen, Leadership Chair Nathan Mathews, Fund-Raising Chair SheShe He, Public Relations Chair Jamie O'Malley, Alumni Chair Tamar Shrikian, Philanthropy Co-Chairs Liz Kiefer and Alice Liu.

Past Chapter Committees


Rush/Initiation Committee Joshua (Josh) Handell-Initiate Adviser, Samantha (Sam) Greenberg-Rush Adviser, George Jensen, Kristin Boyer, Kimberly (Kim) Brisse, Alexander (Alex) Riordan

Scholarship Committee David Fuller-Chair, (SheShe) He Meiheng, Elise Woznicki, Christine Belzyt, Arielle Mellen, Melissa Shapiro

Leadership Committee Christine Altermatt-Chair, Richard (Rich) Fernandez, Michele Wong, Tamar Shrikian, Danielle Hayden, Kerith (Keri) Asma, Andrew (Andy) Cipa

Fellowship Committee Matthew (Matt) Gray-Chair, Mark Yang, Sarina Khan, Sara Metzler, Cole Miller

Fund-Raising Committee Nathan Mathews-Chair, Zachary (Zach) Rable, Kelly Roy, Neha Gupta, Tiffany Wen

Public Relations Committee Hannah Hakala-Chair, Sarah Frankel, Tamar Shrikian, Adam McFarland, Dominic Czarnota

ICAlum Committee Dana Harlan-Chair, Andrew Delikat-External Secretary, Jeffrey (Jeff) Kendall, Kerry Traub, Sarah Feenstra

Philanthropy Committee Alice Liu Co-Chair, Rachel Fletcher-Co-Chair, Hannah Jacobson, Nicole Smitka, (Jason) Pang Jao


Rush/Initiation Committee Joshua (Josh) Handell-Initiate Adviser, Samantha (Sam) Greenberg-Rush Adviser, Sarina Khan, Sarah Frankel, Dominic Czarnota, Hannah Hakala,

Scholarship Committee David Fuller-Chair, Kelly Roy, Dana Harlan, Richard (Rich) Fernandez, Dana Harlan, Sarina Khan

Leadership Committee Christine Altermatt-Chair, George Jensen, Elise Woznicki, Elizabeth (Liz) Kiefer, Tamar Shrikian, Adam McFarland

Fellowship Committee Matthew (Matt) Gray-Chair, Christine Belzyt, (SheShe) He Meiheng Kerry Traub Kristin Boyer Hannah Jacobson Arielle Mellen

Fund-Raising Committee Nathan Mathews-Chair, Jeffrey (Jeff) Kendall, Elizabeth (Liz) Kiefer, Michelle Morath

Public Relations Committee Hannah Hakala-Chair, Mark Yang, Jason Jao, Sara Metzler, Michele Wong

ICAlum Committee Dana Harlan-Chair, Andrew Delikat-External Secretary, Andrew (Andy) Cipa, Nicole Smitka, Neha Gupta

Philanthropy Committee Alice Liu Co-Chair, Rachel Fletcher-Co-Chair, Zachary (Zach) Rable, Danielle Hayden, Sarah Feenstra, Kerith (Keri) Asma


Rush/Initiation Committee Justin Bonebrake-Initiate Adviser, Samantha (Sam) Greenberg-Rush Adviser, Jillian (Jill) Isaacs-See, Andrew (Andy) Cipa

Scholarship Committee David Fuller-Chair, Matthew (Matt) Gray, Christine Belzyt, Hailey MacDonald

Leadership Committee Nathan Mathews-Chair, Joshua (Josh) Handell, Michelle Morath Madeleine (Mattie) Levin

Fellowship Committee George Jensen-Chair, Kelly Roy, Zachary (Zach) Rable, Scott Ambers, Ornella Dubaz

Fund-Raising Committee (SheShe) He Meiheng-Chair, Rachel Fletcher, Allison (Allie) Davido, Muyanwi (Lum) Fube, Jonathan (Jon) Adams

Public Relations Committee Jamie O'Malley-Chair, Kathryn (Kate) Gilliam, Michele Wong, Ayanna Gouch

ICAlum Committee Tamar Shrikian-Chair, Jen Hartsell-External Secretary, Andrew Delikat, Christine Altermatt

5K Committee Alice Liu Co-Chair, Elizabeth (Liz) Kiefer-Co-Chair, Christopher (Chris) Welch, Sara Stevenson, Adam McFarland

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Beta Alpha Chapter Initiate Classes

Big/Little Family Trees

Eaton Family
Megan Eaton
Sarah Roffman Michelle Morath Jessica Ordonez Erin Pianelli
Dana Harlan Tristan Layfield (inactive) Jamie O'Malley Tanya Nikam
Christine Altermatt Jillian Isaacs-See Richard Fernandez Scott Ambers Muyanwi Lum
Rachel Fletcher Neha Gupta Kate Gilliam Kerith Asma Adam McFarland Andrew Kaufman (inactive) Elise Woznicki Margaret Bauer (inactive) Ayanna Gouch
Alyssa Krentzel Lindsay Bartz Kristin Boyer Adrian Quek (inactive) Mark Boctor Nina Cataldo Sarah Feenstra Paul Rink (inactive) Hannah Hakala Freya Lehmberg
Gabrielle Carels Hannah Heebner Cassie Lama Katie McGillis Nick Majie Elizabeth Deschaine Casey Dye (inactive) Melodie Hoke Kelsie Holden
Olivia Jones Ravali Kondoju Jackie Goldman Ava Ranger Rachel Morrison

O'Brien Family
Michelle O'Brien
Allie Davido
George Jensen Matt Gray
Sarah Frankel SheShe He Danielle Hayden Diana Basel Yubo Wu
Christine Belzyt Tiffany Wen Rebecca Guerriero
Christina Machak (inactive) Hope Peskin-Shepherd Emily Sheppard

Masters Family
Jeni Masters
Melissa Wieman
Chris Welch Jon Adams Jennifer Hartsell
Nicole Smitka Hailey Mcdonald Justin Bonebrake (inactive) Hannah Jacobson
Teague Simoncic Mark Yang Alex Melidis
Tamar Shrikian David Fuller
Kelly Roy Sara Mullan Sam Greenberg Sarina Khan Chelsea Loji
Sara Metzler Laura Unaeze (inactive) Josh Handell Arielle Mellen Nicole Gibson Frankie Graziano (inactive)
Melissa Shapiro Dominic Czarnota Mo O'Sullivan
Steve Newcomer Kim Brisse Holly Stehlin
Mike Sukenik

Montana Family
Claire Montana
Leigha Chang Christina Spallina
Chantal Cotton Zach Rable
Alice Liu Jeff Kendall Cole Miller Michelle Wilensky
Kerry Traub Andrew Delikat-Hinze Jason Pang Jao Zach Yancer Mike Greskowiak
Andy Cipa Karen Fan (inactive) Alex Riordan
Brad Harlan David Sinopoli Joel Woznicki

Magiera Family
Monica Magiera
Emily Vogel
Kimberly Hack Melanie Neumeyer
Sara Stevenson Erika Branch

Other Families
Michelle McFadden Ian Spear Katie Scheich
Liz Keifer (inactive) Nathan Mathews Michelle Wong
Arlene Go

Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend

Beta Alpha hosted its 1st Annual Founder's Weekend event on Sunday, February 15th, 2009. The event celebrated Big/Little family trees, and was called 'Family Olympics'. Families were broken up into teams, given team colors, and competed in a series of events, such as pie eating contests, relay races and team pride. Many alums of Beta Alpha attended as well. Check out the Family Olympics promotion video at:

The second annual Founder's Weekend event was held on Saturday, February 13th, 2010. The event celebrated chapter history with team building games and history based puzzles, and included a spaghetti lunch for all who attended.

'Easy as Pi' 5K Run/Walk

On Saturday, March 15th, 2008 Beta Alpha hosted its 4th Annual 5K ‘Easy as Pi’ Walk/Run! Over $2000 in proceeds from this event were donated to the Ann Arbor Make-A-Wish Foundation. At this event, not only did Beta Alpha recruit nearly 100 runners and walkers, but they also had almost 40 volunteers! Their 5th Annual 'Easy as Pi' Walk/Run occurred in Spring 2009 and was of equal success. The 6th Annual 5K 'Easy as Pi' Walk/Run was moved to the Fall of 2009 and occurred on October 25th. It was Halloween themed, and runners were invited to wear their Halloween costumes.

As this event is held annually, Beta Alpha wants to take this opportunity to invite you and everyone you know to this event. There will be snacks, refreshments, t-shirts, and prizes for first place runner and raffle winners. Of course, all proceeds will again be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Registration information is available on the Beta Alpha website. The $20 registration fee ($15 if you register and submit payment online prior to the event date) includes a t-shirt (as available) and your donation to Make-A-Wish. All participants who submit registration forms before race day are guaranteed t-shirts. All other shirts will go on a first come, first serve basis.

For those unable to attend this event, personal donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Please visit the contacts section of the Beta Alpha website for more information. For a donation of $75 or more, your family will be listed as a sponsor on the official 5K t-shirt and on publicity materials!

Chapter Minutes

You can also find past minutes at the Category:Beta Alpha Minutes page.

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

University Awards

  • Project Serve's Service Organization Award, 1994

Further Resources

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