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Beta Phi Chapter (Founded 24 September 1995) is located at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The Chapter was founded by Chapter alumnus Name and is a member of the Bluegrass Region.

Beta Phi Chapter

Chapter History


Early Years

The Active Chapter

The current chapter... Alyssa Patricella, Katy Nash, Emily Braunwart, Laura Gipson, Matt Frazier, Cynthia Tope, Anthony Gross Jr., Alex Aguirre, Emily Wyer, Brittany Bowman, Rachael Childress, Whitney Davis, Rachel Dotson, Gabrielle Durham, Carley Ferguson, Kenneth Frix, Katherine Gillenwater, Maggie Haycraft, Austin Huff, Kassie Huffman, Haley Lee, Ryan Mahoney, DJ McDonald, Amanda Peerce, Jeremiah Prince, Christopher Stanfield, Shannon Wagner, Yonathan Warren, Sarah Olive, Emily Cavender, Christopher Storath, Scotty Neat, Kristine Gillenwater, Morgan VanDerMeiren, Andera Fuentes

Past and Current Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Beta Phi Chapter Initiate Classes

Chapter Events & Activities

Joplin, Missouri

see Beta Phi Joplin Run

In June 2011 Beta Phi, under the guidance of their Advisor David Serafini, organized relief trips to Joplin, MO site of a terrible tornado that brought major destruction to the town. During the June trip seven Brothers traveled on the first trip. The second trip happened over the fall break in 2011 when Serafini and thirteen Brothers returned. The continuing project has generated several news articles and media coverage of the Chapters work to support Joplin. Joplin Runs III, IV and V were held in March, May, and October 2012, respectively.

Notable Alumni

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Honorary Members

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

University Awards

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Other Awards

  • Third Place, 2011, The Kentucky Museum's Holiday Ornament Contest
  • Most Creative Shanty, 2010, WKU Shantytown Homelessness Awareness Event

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