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Gamma Phi Chapter (Founded 26 February 1998) is located at University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. The Chapter was founded by Gamma Pi alum Katie Goddard and is a member of the Great Plains Region.

Gamma Phi Chapter, Fall 2010

Chapter History


After being a Charter member at Gamma Pi, Katie Goddard moved to Norman, Oklahoma to continue her education. Disappointed that there wasn't a chapter already established at the University of Oklahoma, she set out to start one. After a semester working with Betsy Jaquith, the Director of Expansion at National Headquarters, the initial interest meetings were scheduled.

As one of the last chapters created before the Colony Program began, Gamma Phi was founded and inducted in just two meetings. On February 26, 1998, in the midst of a torrential rain storm, Gamma Phi was founded. The Charter class started out with just over 150 students.

Early Years

Gamma Phi Chapter, especially Karen Cohick, along with the Beta and Gamma Sigma Chapters founded "WICKED" (The Western Interchapter Conference of Knowledge Education and Development). Every spring semester, normally around February, the Southwest Regional Conference, WICKED, happens.

Dr. Doug Gaffin, professor and first chapter advisor to Gamma Phi, was the first Honorary Brother for Gamma Phi Chapter.

Robert Lyman, Alpha Rho Brother, was the second Honorary Brother of the Gamma Phi Chapter.

Monte Eldridge, inducted with the Tau Class on November 30, 2007, was the third Honorary Brother of the Gamma Phi Chapter.

The Scorpion is the official Gamma Phi Chapter mascot. Dr. Gaffin is famous for his study and research on scorpions. While he was advisor, he gifted the chapter with a scorpion. The chapter lovingly calls their mascot "R.T." which is short for "Road Trip." R.T. travels with the Gamma Phi Brothers on all their road trips to ensure a safe, ticket-free travel.

The Active Chapter

Current Executive Board:

Current Executive Council:

Past Chapter Presidents

Initiate Classes

Main Article: List of Gamma Phi Chapter Initiate Classes

Past Executive Boards

Past Executive Councils

Chapter Events & Activities

Founder's Weekend

Gamma Phi celebrates the Chapter's founding on a weekend near February 26.

Gamma Phi celebrated it's tenth anniversary on February 26, 2008. Due to WICKED, the actual tenth anniversary celebration did not take place until March 7-9, 2008.

Gamma Phi-nding

The current chapter is working hard on reconnecting with all Gamma Phi Alumni. They are piecing together family trees and constantly updating information on all Gamma Phi Alumni.

Notable Alumni

  • Karen Cohick (Charter Class) - Founder of WICKED, the Southwest Region's Annual Conference: Western Interchapter Conference for Knowledge, Education and Development, Chapter Service Key Recipient (2003)
  • James "Bo" Hilty (Beta Class) - Chapter Service Key Recipient (2004), National Council Advisory Board Member, National Vice President (2006)
  • Amy Solis (Delta Class) - Chapter Service Key Recipient (2005)
  • Elizabeth Baxter (Delta Class) - Chapter Service Key Recipient (2007)

Chapter Honors and Awards

National Awards

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